Women’s Empowerment Groups

6 week work shop. (dates to be determined)

As women we take on multiple roles; mother, wife, caretaker, and many more. While skillfully wearing all these hats, we sometimes loose sight of our own goals and dreams. This workshop was created to guide women deeper into their own truth and back on the path of joyful living, and authenticity.
Participants will learn about themselves and their relationship to others by being in relationship to the horses, participating in activities with the horses and then by processing their thoughts, feelings, behaviors and patterns. Connecting with horses teaches people how to connect with the intelligence of their hearts, leading to intuition, insights and social sensitivity. By accessing this heart wisdom they can understand how to empower themselves through heart-based living.
(No horse experience necessary)

In this 6 week course you will remember how to:

• Expand your self-awareness, enhance your intuition
• Stay grounded and in your body
• Discover the messages behind your emotions
• Build trust, respect and connection in challenging situations
• Appreciate the value of clear and consistent personal space
• Break through old and limiting thought patterns
• Open to the power of your authenticity
• Develop emotional heroism, that rare combination of power and compassion, courage and self-control, accountability and forgiveness.

12 hrs. of hands on experience with Sandra Fletcher Ritter, and Åsa Gustavsson. Price $600.