Addiction Recovery Support

There are quite a few benefits of incorporating horses into the treatment of drug addiction and the recovery process. First of all, the soothing nature of animals and nature is just what the addict needs in order to keep their mind unoccupied and their thoughts positive. Being around and interacting with the gentleness of the horses provides a calm environment for the addict and allows them to focus on something positive instead of the negative things that probably led them to drug use in the first place. Another reason addicts benefit from equine assisted therapy is because animals have no preconceived notions or opinions about the person and will not judge them. Drug use is often times a stigma in society and people make judgments about addicts without getting to know the person. This leads an addict to develop a facade, which hinders the recovery process since addicts aren’t accepting themselves as who they really are but instead hiding behind a false image. With horses, addicts are able to be themselves and experience a wide range of emotions with no judgments against them. This is beneficial for the addict because they don’t have to put up their defensive walls and are allowed to accept themselves at face value.

Healing through Horses does not provide inpatient or intensive out patient services. We work once or twice a week with our clients, and partner with treatment centers for clients who require more support.